Monday, October 8, 2012

Mani Monday

Happy Columbus Day! 
I do hope that you get to enjoy your bonus day off.
And heck, maybe even get a manicure.
It's #manimonday after all.

It all started when I saw this rose gold glitter nail polish in cvs. 
A Cut Above by Essie*.
Then I read this post
I knew this nail polish and I belonged together.
Then I kept walking by it in the store and kept putting it in my basket.
At the last second putting it back.
Never being able to justify it.
That ended yesterday.
It came home with me, and I'm happy it did.
I love the luxeffects by Essie.
Have a few of them and they are the perfect glitter.
They look both great over other colors and look great on their own.

On another note has any tried Deborah Lippmann nail polish?
Are they worth it?
Heard the glitter one's are amazing.

I'm linked up Heather! You should check it out if your in the mood to see some amazing manis.

* pictured is three coats of A Cut Above


  1. LOVE anything with glitter!!! gorgeous color! :)
    xoxox Holly

    1. I love anything glitter too! You have to try the Essie ones, they are the best. Thanks for reading!
      XO Jessy

  2. I just got this polish as well! I LOVE it layered over a dark gray, but I can't wait to try it with other colors as well. Gorgeous :)

    1. Dark gray and rose gold sounds amazing. Thanks for reading and have fun coming up with more color combinations!
      XO Jessy