Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Peek Inside my Shower {Body}

I thought it might be nice for you to peek inside my shower and see the products that I use and love. 
As you might of known by know I'm a bit of a product hoarder.
It has gotten better, but sometimes I relapse.
Hey! We all have our vices right?!
Mine just happens to make my hair and skin smell good.
I don't think that such a bad thing.

Lush: Ocean Salt 
This stuff is awesome.
It is so hard to find a scrub that doesn't dry out my skin.
This stuff is no joke.
It makes your skin so soft and leaves it feeling hydrated.
It is abnormally expensive.
But so worth it!
It does come in two sizes and I recommend the smaller one to start off.
I use a little bit all over my body every time I shower.
Once a week on my face.

One of my favorite Aveda products!
This smells so delicious.
Like fresh limes and mangos.
It's super hydrating.
The smell does linger on your skin.
And I love smelling like a rain forest so that's just fine with me.

Lush: Sultana of Soap 
I asked for the most hydrating/creamy soap they had
and this is what was given to me.
It is both.
And leaves my skin incredibly soft.
This little baby smells so delicious.
Contains bergamont and frankincense, two of my favorite aromas.
No wonder I'm so in love with this soap.

Lush: King of Skin ($13.95)
Another great hydrator.
Lush calls it a body butter its more like a solid lotion bar.
You keep it in your shower and use it on wet skin.
The heat of the shower melts the bar
and then your skin absorbs all the goodies in it.
This leaves my skin so soft, hydrated and helps calm down the irritation that I have.
It hydrates with banana, avocado, shea and coconut oils.
It is rich enough to use that you don't need to use a lotion after.
Soaks into the skin surprisingly fast so you don't have to worry about being greasy all day/night long.

EOS: Shave Cream ($5)
This is hands down the best shaving cream that I have used.
It is really light and works well as a barrier.
Doesn't irritate or dry out my legs.
Plus it smells delicious.
Like you can eat it.
My favorite is Pomegrante and Raspberry.

Venus: Razors ($15)
Venus is the best!
Hands down.
I usually get the ones for sensitive skin.
They just work better than any other razor that I have tried.

What are your shower must haves?

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